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Toronto, Canada, Photo Tour: Downtown Night Scenes

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All images by Mark File. Please do not copy without permission.

Downtown Toronto
View from the plaza at Toronoto City Hall. The beautiful building with the clock tower is the Old City Hall.
St. Michael's Cathedral
St. Michael's Cathedral
St. Michael’s Cathedral, situated in the heart of Toronto’s downtown, stands at the corners of Bond and Shuter streets, just two blocks east of Yonge Street. St. Michael’s Cathedral was consecrated on September 19, 1848. 

Distillery District

Toronto Distillery District

The Distillery District is the new "hip" place to be in Toronto. And you know that I'm hip! During the 1800's the Gooderham and Worts Distillery was a huge manufacturing district and the largest distillery in the British Empire. Today the Distillery district is not only Toronto's only heritage district; it is also Canada's largest centre for arts and culture. In 1990, after over a century and a half of continuous production, the distillery ceased operations. In 2003, the distillery was unveiled as a pedestrian-only village entirely dedicated to arts, culture and entertainment. Set on 13 acres on the edge of downtown Toronto, the area boasts about many art galleries, several performing arts theatres, sophisticated boutiques, restaurants and cafes.

The Yonge Dundas Square is Toronto's version of Times Square.
You can enjoy many free festivals and concerts there.
Toronto's Old City Hall

The "new" Toronto City Hall.

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